Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Cavalier and a Heat fly into an airport...

Funny things happen in airports. Sometimes, a traveler's home country is in the throes of a revolution and that traveler is denied entry into the United States, leaving the traveler to live in the airport until everything is sorted out. Sometimes, a family sprints through an airport while "Run, Rudolph, Run" plays on the overhead speakers, leaving the family completely oblivious to the fact that they left their son, Macauley Culkin, at home by himself. And sometimes, a two-time MVP runs into the most outspoken member of the team he left on a one-hour national television special.
Well, that's awkward. It seems like LeBron has been trying to avoid contact with all of his former Cavalier teammates who are not 7-foot-3 and Lithuanian. For him to accidentally run into the one Cleveland player who has voiced his disappointment in LeBron's choice was probably one of those heart-skips-a-beat moments where LeBron needed a split-second to compose himself before approaching his former dance partner.

Thankfully, Williams appears to have played things pretty cool. He could have been a jerk about it. He could have just ignored LeBron. He could have told him that ground transportation left from an above-ground location when it really left from the basement level. But no, he manned up and let bygones be bygones, Ally McBeal-style. Get him during the season, he had to be thinking. Very cool, Mo Williams, especially considering he just suffered through a four-hour flight delay. That's poise under pressure, you guys.

Maybe, someday, when we look back on this whole LeBron-in-Miami situation, we'll realize him fortuitously meeting Mo Williams in an airport was the beginning of him mending fences with Cleveland. Now, all he has to do is fly into the same airport millions of times, meet each angry Cavalier fan and hope they'll be as nice as Mo Williams. Quite the undertaking, but LeBron's got a few million dollars he can spend on the quest.

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